EAHC – Reporting

Projects, which are carried out under the EAHC (Executive Agency for Health and Consumers) have to submit reports in certain intervals during their project duration:

  • Documentation of progress
  • Possible submission of an updated workprogramme

The obligation to report as well as the time of the submission of the reports is contracted with the EU.

Request of Further Pre-Financing Payment (Interim Report)

This is the Interim Report of EAHC projects. This report is handed in during the project duration (according to the periods defined in the contract). The following needs to be submitted:  

  • Progress report:
    • Results that have been achieved by then
    • Planing for the next period
    • Copies of publication, products and further relvant results (Deliverables)
  • Financial implementation report: This compares the current status of expenses with the budget of the project. This report should have the same structure as the budget of Annex II.

Request of Balance Payment

This is the Final Report of EAHC projects, which is handed in at the end of a project. The following needs to be submitted:

  • Technical implementation report
    • Detailed description of all completed activities
    • Liste of personnel necessary for the completion of the activies
    • Overview of the involved persons
    • Overviewof the involved countries
    • Overview whether all goals of the contract were reached
  • Financial report: This compares the current status of expenses with the budget of the project.

internal link More about GABO:mi's services during the EC Reporting.

Further information

Content and formal criteria can be found in the following guidelines: