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IMI JU - Reporting

IMI JU projects have to document their progress on a regular basis (e.g. once a year). Is there a deviation from the original work programme, an updated work programme has to be submitted. The duty to report as well as the submission deadline is regulated in the Grant Agreement. The content and formal requirements for the various project types are part of  PDF-Icon Guidance Notes on Project Reporting (614 KB).

Scope and Effort

The scope of the reports is at 50 – 150 pages. The Coordinator prepares the reports for the Consortium. For it, the Coordinator asks all partners for their input. The challenge for the Coordinator is to compile a complete and sensible report out of all partners' contributions. It is only the acceptance of the reports that secures the continued financing of the project and the next payment transfer by the European Commission.

Periodic Report

The European Commission expects the following written reports within 60 calendar days after the end of the Reporting period:

  • Declaration by the project coordinator
  • Report about the results achieved so far (Publishable Summary Report)
  • Finance Report (Explanation of the use of resources, Form C, Summary Financial Report, Audit Certificates)
  • Short reports on each workpackage according to the Annex I of the Grant Agreement (Deliverables)

Final Report

At the end of the project, on top of the Periodic Report, a Final Report needs to be submitted as well. Furthermore, a "Final report on the distribution of the community financial contribution" (abbr.: Report on distribution) has to be handed in at the European Commission:

  • Report on the entire project results (Final Publishable Summary Report)
  • Plan for Use and Dissemination of Foreground
  • Report on Societal Implications
  • Report on the Distribution; this report must be handed in 30 days after the final payment of the European Commission

Further information

The content and formal requirements for the various project types are part: